Anxiety and Depression

Many people with anxiety disorders also suffer with depression. Anxiety and depression are believed, in part, to stem from a common biological vulnerability.  This might explain why the two so often go hand in hand; in fact, the presence of one intensifies the presence of the other. It is important to seek help for both conditions.

Anxiety is more than just a feeling.  It involves the body’s fight or flight response and effects a wide range of physical symptoms. Sometimes anxiety is related to a medical condition such as a thyroid problem, hypoglycemia, or asthma. Certain medications and supplements can also cause anxiety. If there is no medical cause for the anxiety, we will determine the type and cause of the anxiety disorder and implement a treatment plan for the client.

Our therapists often work in tandem with a client’s primary care physician, nutritionist, or psychiatrist to create the most effective treatment plan for depression and anxiety disorders. Most of these disorders respond well to treatment, especially when the client willingly carries out his or her at-home strategies.

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