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Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders are growing problems among teens and young adults. Recent research shows that only 1 in 10 men and women with an eating disorder receives help. Those statistics are alarming given that eating disorders have the highest mortality rate out of all mental illnesses.


When Your Spouse Doesn’t Carry 50%

What do you do when your spouse does not carry 50% of the load for your marriage? There is an unspoken expectation in our country that says we each should bring 50% to the relationship – thus making 100% in total. But there is a problem with that thinking…


Coming To Grips With A Loss

We all experience losses in life. These can be loss of a relationship, death of someone we love, loss of a dream due to infertility, loss of a spouse as a result of divorce, or the loss of our self-worth due to a poor decision.


Feeling Frozen?

Do you feel uncomfortable in social situations? Are you often struggling with fear and anxiety? Counseling can help you break through the barriers and enjoy a fuller, happier, and more meaningful life.


Mind, Brain and Emotional Health

Sometimes our physical health effects our emotional health, and our emotional health effects how we feel physically. That is why we use a model that addresses whole health healing, taking in to consideration that ALL parts of our being are interconnected. We address the following using a holistic treatment model.