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Cultivate an Atmosphere of Purity at Home

At SRCC we deal with the topic of pornography on a daily basis. If your home is going to be different from our pornography-laden culture, you need to cultivate an atmosphere of purity for your family.

Computer programs such as filters and accountability software are important pieces but only a piece of the solution. We can share how they can be useful.

In order to cultivate an atmosphere of purity you need to live that kind of life in front of your spouse and children. Don’t allow even the slightest crack in your wall. Think of a toilet that leaks just a little on the floor. The sewage still stinks. You wouldn’t leave it that way.

You also need to talk about purity regularly. Those conversations may be about affair proofing your marriage, why purity is important to you, or when purity became important to you. Believe it or not, the dinner table is a great place to bring up the topic. Nobody is going to run off! If this is your regular custom, your children’s friends will want to eat dinner at your place. They probably are not talking about it in their home, and kids want answers.

When you talk about purity, your spouse knows that it is important to you. Your children begin to shape their world view to understand that God’s standards are real and do not depend upon our opinions. Purity becomes just a way of life.

If this is an issue that you need some help on, call us. Perhaps that help is dealing with your own life. Will power and trying harder do not work. Perhaps it is more focused on parenting. Either way…fix that leaky toilet! We have tools ready for the job.

Robert Otto, Ph.D.

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