Dr. Alison Hernandez


Dr. Alison Hernandez

A psychoeducational test battery identifies the unique ways a child learns and specific difficulties.

After completing my post-doctoral residency, I developed a passion and a niche for psychoeducational testing and assessment. During this time, I observed the challenges that many children face when they do not fit into “the box” of the average learner. having a psychoeducational test battery completed can often identify the unique way that a child learns as well as the specific areas of difficulty a child may have. Once the problem(s) is/are identified, then a specific list of recommendations can be created and implemented.

Raising children is often considered to be the most difficult and, simultaneously, the most rewarding task that we as parents will face in our lifetime. There is no simplistic, one-size-fits-all “how to” manual or handbook. When our children are hurting or they consistently make poor choices, we as parents often blame ourselves. It is a very difficult task to reach out and ask for help, however, doing so is often the first step toward healing.

Research tells us that counseling, also known as therapy, is beneficial for several reasons. A therapist can help you to sort out all of the issues, to understand them in a way that makes sense, and to help you to break negative cycles of thought, communication and behavior, and replace them with more healthy and constructive ways of living. We know that therapy itself is beneficial, but chooing the right therapist for your child, teen or family is a critical first step.

Areas of Speciality

  • Children and Adolescents (preschool – college age)
  • Psychological Testing and Assessment for Children, ages 17 and under
  • Psychoeducational Testing and Assessment for Children, ages 17 and under
  • Gifted Testing and Assessment
  • Testing for Learning Disabilities
    ADHD Testing and Assessment
  • Parent Education
  • Family Therapy
  • Issues common to children such as anxiety, childhood depression, friendship issues – peer pressure, social skills deficits and training
  • Issues common to teenagers such as self-harm, behavioral issues, depression and anxiety, divorce and blended family needs
  • Emotional Intelligence Awareness and Skills Training


Licensed Psychologist

Psychology (Psy.D), Nova Southeastern University

Masters of Science in Clinical  Psychology (MS), Nova Southeastern University

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA), Itha College

What to expect in your first session

On your first visit, I will ask you to share some information about your family and your child or teen.  I consider you to be the expert on your child.  I may meet with you alone or with your child alone, or both, depending on your level of comfort, in order to gain insight and to assist me in specifying your exact needs.

From there we will collaboratively create a plan of care, which will encompass your goals and what you want to accomplish through counseling. Subsequent meetings may take on the form of individual sessions, parenting sessions, or family sessions, all focused on attaining your goals created in your plan.