Dr. Don McCulloch


Dr. Don McCulloch

In many ways, our marriages are similar to farms. Many look good from a distance. They are covered with flowers and green grass. But flowers and green grass often can be weeds. They are a sign of neglect by the farmer. Productive farms have dirt, brown bales of hay and red barns. They may not look perfect, but they are productive.  They also require lots of hard work and continuous maintenance.  Some marriages look good on the outside but are full of weeds.  In contract, hard work produces productive marriages. Pulling weeds and cultivating a fruitful crop on a farm or in a marriage requires getting our hands dirty.  I am passionate about helping people learn how to do that.

My counseling practice exists to help married Christian men to get off their couches and to begin plowing, sowing and weeding the field of their marriages. Such work eventually produces a harvest of love and support as God intended.  I believe it is possible for any marriage to be healed, no matter how bad the conditions as long as there is openness and willingness to change.  I believe I can help almost any man become a better husband.

I believe in being proactive. I give my clients hope and teach specific skills. This works particularly well with men who have a measure of success in other areas of life but have hit a wall in their marriage. I also work with men who struggle with depression, anxiety and pornography.



Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Professor of psychology and counseling, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Married over 30 years with 4 great kids

Areas of Specialty

Marriage counseling
Pornography addiction

Books Published

Perfect Circle: A husband’s guide to the six tasks of contemporary Christian marriage

Preferred Contact

Phone: 561-241-9014
Email: Don_McCulloch@pba.edu