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For Those Who Live in a Bubble

We all need safe places and safe people. When we do not have them, we create masks to hide parts of ourselves that we are ashamed of our do not like.

Many people live in a bubble. They are often those whom the rest of us place on pedestals. We expect them to be perfect and care for us in our need. The unspoken expectation is that they never have needs.

Consider your pastors and his families. Be sure to pray for each of them. Often they can feel a great deal of isolation in their lives because they may not have safe places and safe people.

If you can relate, know that the professionals at Spanish River Counseling Center are safe people. We are here to provide a safe place, outside of the bubble or fishbowl in which you live and work. We understand that everybody has challenges. Wise warriors know when to step out of the battle for a season, to rest and heal. That is never a sign of weakness. It is the mark of godly wisdom.

Call us today at 561-241-9014. We are ready to help.

Robert Otto, Ph.D.

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