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Help for a “Difficult Child”

Parents want the best for their child. But when concerns arise, many parents find that it can be difficult to pinpoint the best way to help. Often children are expected to relate in an adult-like way. We tend to want them to “talk it out” to get to the bottom of our concern.

Most children communicate more to us through their behaviors than through their words. When difficult experiences, thoughts, and feelings are left unprocessed, they are streamlined into problematic behaviors, inattentiveness, extreme emotions, or other social difficulties. This can leave even the most well-intentioned parents feeling at the end of their rope, uncertain about how to connect and understand their child.

Developmentally, it’s normal for kids to find it difficult to verbally express what is going on inside them. But there is hope for children and families who are struggling to find answers and healing. Through their most challenging behaviors, children are begging us to connect, and take a look at the world through their eyes. The first step is to meet your child where he is. Take a moment to enter your child’s world and consider: what is your child’s behavior telling you today?

Contact Laura Van Camp, LMFT at the counseling center for more information.

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