Sexual Intimacy

God created sexual intimacy to be a blessing in marriage, but, at times, it can be a source of pain. Men and women have different needs and perspectives on sex.  Too often, marital conflict results from challenges in the area of sexual intimacy.

Abuse, stress, past sexual experiences, infidelity, and poor communication can all contribute to problems with sexual intimacy. Addressing sexual intimacy issues may require that we focus more on a particular spouse; however, because true intimacy can only be experienced between two people in a safe, loving relationship, it is important to invite the other spouse into the healing process.

When the issue of sexual intimacy has physiological roots, we work with clients’ medical providers to resolve any issues that may prevent a couple from experiencing healthy sexual intimacy in their marriage.

At Spanish River Counseling Center, we are experienced in helping clients deal with sexual intimacy issues. We help clients understand what they’re facing, grow from it, and develop true intimacy.

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