Adult Children-Codependency

Family members are often forgotten in the field of addiction treatment. Growing up, they may have experienced an addicted parent or watched as focused attention went to siblings with addictions. These family systems are often a breeding ground that leads to the issues of codependency and symptoms related to what is known as “Adult Children.” For example, they may have adopted the role of “hero child” in an attempt to compensate for the pain and shame they experienced. To protect themselves, they may have chosen to withdraw to stay out of harm. Often, a child may become a performance-oriented perfectionist or people-pleaser who avoids conflict and tends to feel disrespected in relationships.  Adult clients who grew up in such environments, though functional and successful, often secretly feel like children.  They are unable to set clear boundaries, face confrontation, and overcome the shame of their past.

It is possible to move past one’s guilt, anger, hurt, shame, resentment, and blame.  We help clients heal from childhood wounds.

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