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Mind, Brain and Emotional Health

Sometimes our physical health effects our emotional health, and our emotional health effects how we feel physically. That is why we use a model that addresses whole health healing, taking in to consideration that ALL parts of our being are interconnected. We address the following using a holistic treatment model.  

Emotional Health: Together we explore family relationship history and current emotions and process painful events in order to achieve emotional stability. We use Expressive Art Therapy, EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, and other research based therapies to incorporate emotional health and wellbeing.

Brain Health: We discuss physical concerns and assess, address, and balance brain chemical imbalances using natural amino acid supplements and vitamins. If you suffer from depression, anxiety, impulse control, cravings, poor memory/cognitive issues, postpartum depression, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, fatigue, sleep issues, focus/attention issues, mood issues, stress irritability, or premenstrual symptoms know that we can help.

Mind Health: I help clients to reframe their thinking, untangle disordered or unhelpful patterns of thought, and achieve mental clarity that brings about positive transformations in all areas of life. Through positive self-talk, Scripture references, mindful applications, as well as a variety of smart phone applications that provide “in the moment” help and healing for our clients to continue their healing journey outside of our office.

Utilizing this holistic model helps us to execute strategies that will help our clients achieve optimum physical, emotional, and mental wellness while incorporating spiritual healing and support. Please contact us to schedule an appointment and begin your whole health healing journey.


Melanie Mahady, LMHC, NEI Certified,, 561-241-9014.

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