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To Hide or Not to Hide…

We learn at an early age that we are not perfect and that there are things about ourselves that we do not like. As we grow up, we have to figure out how to deal with these issues. Often that means wearing masks…

So who are you? Really…who are you? How much of you do you let others see and get to know?

The fear of rejection can cause us to show others an image that may not be accurate. We end up showing people what we think they will like rather than what we actually are. Interestingly enough, if they like our “mask” they still don’t like “us”. The result is that we are still isolated and alone. The reason we hide is so we will not be rejected, but hiding brings the same result.

Some people hide their sin, like pornography or sexual addictions. Others hide the impact another person’s sin had on them, sexual abuse would be an example. In either case, the result is the same, and God’s offer of freedom from that burden is the same.

So how do we break this pattern, and how do we learn to live without masks? First of all, understand that living without masks is scary. We risk allowing people to see the parts of us that we do not like. We risk being laughed at or not being accepted. But if you truly desire closeness in relationships, it is worth the risk.

God did not make a mistake when He created you. He says that you are valuable and important enough to give His life for. Even if you have made choices you regret. Even if you carry pain from experiences you have had. He offers a different standard by which to measure your worth. Living an open life allows you to experience relationships as God intended…without shame. John Lynch has a great talk on this on YouTube called “Truefaced Two Roads Message.”

Sometimes there are issues in lives or in our past that make it very hard to take our masks off. We understand that. Every day we help people work through those issues. Holding a mask up day in and day out is exhausting. We are here to help you lighten that load. Give us a call, 561-241-9014.

Robert Otto, Ph.D.

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